Karlovo Bulgaria American-Bulgarian Art Exchange 2014 Opening Day

Karlovo Bulgaria Art Exhibition 2014 Opening Day Bokhalov Khan photo 1

November 17 saw the opening of the Karlovo, Bulgaria portion of the American-Bulgarian Art Exchange for 2014. Bokhalov Khan is the location, An old building renovated to show what life was like in history. The opening was well attended and opened officially by the Vice-Mayor of Karlovo. This exhibition is a multi-artist collaboration offering many styles […]

The Return of Desi to Egg Carving in Velingrad Bulgaria

Kate and Desi Carving Eggs November 8 2014 Photo 1

In 2011 Desislava Kasapova (Desi for short) was my number one pupil. She spoke good English and served as my interpreter many times. She immediately showed a great level of natural skill with the Paragraver Power Pen. After school, she would often stop by the Ethnographic Museum to carve a few eggs and even took […]

Second 2014 Bulgarian Art Exchange Exhibition Held In Plovdiv

Plovdiv Bulgaria Art Exhibition 2014 Opening Night Ethnographic Museum photo 1

Plovdiv, Bulgaria was the location for my second 2014 Exhibition. Opening night was at the Ethnographic Museum located in Old Plovdiv on October 15th. The staff were wonderful to work with and the building has a great history. I highly recommend visiting the Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv to anyone visiting Bulgaria.          […]

Gallery Show for Петя Георгиева (Peta Georgieva) in Sofia Bulgaria


I was fortunate to be invited to an exhibition by Bulgarian artist Петя Георгиева (Peta Georgieva). I set a day aside for a bus ride to Sofia, Bulgaria so that I could see her offerings. Her work is distinctive and very vibrant. Peta’s works in this collection definitely remind me of places I have visited across […]

Meet Maria Dosheva, Egg Carver

Maria Dosheva October 29 2014 Egg Carver

Meet Maria, she was my translator for her school class when they came to the Ethnographic Museum in Velingrad, Bulgaria. She has a very strong grasp of English and wasn’t too shy to volunteer or help me. As a reward for her bravery, I offered her the opportunity to carve a goose eggshell with a […]